Michael Nino

Michael Nino: a local painter, sponsor of Italian football Serie A

Who knows what the millions of spectators of the Serie A match Udinese – Roma have thought reading on billboards around the playing field “Michael Nino, Imbianchino (Painter)” as one of the sponsors.

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UN Women

Google autocomplete feature reveals widespread sexism

The useful and sometimes hilarious Google autocomplete suggestions has been used in a smart way for a brilliant and harsh campaign.

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ADC takeover

Surprise job interview on Art Director’s Club website

If sometimes can be hard to be called for a job interview, there are times when you just fall into one in unexpected situations: on an airplane, at a crowded party, during a football match.

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Creating coolness with (and for) stock contents

With the economic boom of Brazil, it has become very common to find ourselves watching great communication products marked BR.

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Make a video out of Google StreetView

So, the guys at teehan+lax (link), a Toronto based digital experience company, created this awesome project called “Hyperlapse” (link).

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Birthday of a legend

In 1863, 150 years ago, the London Underground was opened, the world’s first urban mass transit system.

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Goodbye Flash

Since when i released my first website in 2000 using Flash 5, i’ve always been a big fan of Macromedia Adobe Flash.

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